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Proving the Cliché . . . .

That nice guys finished last, SuperLawyer lost his election on Tuesday night. Needless to say I’m very bummed. SL, just hands down, was a better candidate. He raised more money than his opponent, he kicked @ss at the debate, he had better campaign literature. He went from door to door to meet people. He worked the commuting lots in the AMs. He really went all out. He got his Mom to write letters to all of the senior citizens in the area and he even got a recommendation from John Walsh! He really was the better candidate. And this isn’t just me saying this. When I stood outside the polling place in the OMG freezing cold, the guy out there with me supporting the other candidate actually said it. “Jeff’s got more experience, he’s lived in the area longer, he’s got better recommendations and qualifications.” So there.

But he lost. I think there were two reasons why he lost. I think one has to do with the fact that it was a special election. It was the only race on the ballot and so turn out was really low. Really low. And secondly, PWC is still a very red area. Unforunately I think the dems and the independents just didn’t turn out the way he needed them to.

I try, I really try, to think that none of the hateful, homophobic crap that was on the blogs and some emails made a difference in the election. I like to think that the people writing and reading that crap had already made up their mind. But I’m still bitter about the accusations, the lies, the prevarications, and just blatant mis-information that was put out. SL is too good of a guy to have had to deal with that.

Some people are like, well why does anyone get into politics anyways? If your character is going to be assassinated? If your personal life is going to be examined in every minute detail? Why do you want to run for office anyways. And I really do suspect a lot of people’s motives for running for public off. But not SL’s. He’s actually one of the very few people who honestly just wants to make a difference, he wants to help people, and wants to make his community and where he raises his children a better place.

And isn’t that what’s important? And worth putting up with all of the micoscopic analysis of everything you’ve ever done, or ever said. I give big props to SL for having the integrity, guts, and courage to run for election. I hope he tries again some day.