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MAL Part 1

So it's MAL this weekend. Some friends of mine called to say that they had seen some of my "peeps" walking down K St in full leather. Cute, but they really aren't my peeps. While I like the aesthetic of the leather look, some of the details about the leather lifestyle leave me a little sqeamish. But still I wandered over to the host hotel to check out the leather market and to do some people watching. In addition to leaving your coat, you also need to check your judgement at the coat rack. Being tied up in a straight jacket and being led around on a leash isn't my idea of a good time, but hey, to each their own. And I'm not sure I get the whole full body rubber suit. I just keep thinking that it's just more than a bit hot. And uncomfortable. But it was fun to hang out and do the people watching thing. Mr. No Karma and his HusNot were there so it was good to catch up with them. And I saw quite a few people from my gym. So that was funny. I did run into this couple who used to go to the same personal training outfit I belong to last year I guess. We've all quit and are actually looking better now. Kind of funny. Anyways, it was fun to just walk around and check things out. I did have a fun, but too short, conversation with a really hot cop there. I'm sure I'll never see him again, but you never know.

Then I came home for my disco nap in preparation for BlowOff. Blow Off was good and packed with men who really did look like this. Lots of men with really short haircuts, i.e. military. And obviously a lot of facial hair. It was a fun crowd and I did get my groove on for a bit. But I was tired and it got really crowded, really quick. So I ended up bailing around 1AM.