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All Politics Are Local . . . . .

and also ugly apparently.

SuperLawyer is running for a position down in his neck of the woods and the wingnuts are just rabid. To the point that they did research to find out how much his house cost, the square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms. And to compare it to his ex-wife's house and try to make some sort of analogy that SuperLawyer either doesn't care for his children, or isn't a good enough parent, or some such crap. And some of the stuff is just blatant lies. SuperLawyer is ignoring it, that's what he's got a campaign manager for, to deal with that stuff. But it really is insane.

I mean I expect that sort of thing at a national level? But at a local level? The trashing, or attempted trashing, of a neighbor! Someone you see run into at the super market, at your kid's little league practice, even in church! I kid you not. One of the bloggers making the most slanderous comments about SuperLawyer made some sort of comment like, "Well I can only tell you what I've seen of him at church since he refuses to asnwers our questions about . . . " Gee, what's that second commandment again?

SuperLawyer had his debate last night and I trekked down there to support him. His opponent was just a total Beaker. Needless to say, SuperLawyer did an OUTSTANDING job, like he always does. Instead of quoting the same three accomplishments over and over again to every question like Beaker did, SuperLawyer answered each question and showed how much he knew about the local situation. Crime statistics, housing info, amount of open spaces remaining, etc. He knew his sh!t! The funny thing is that both of them were talking about the same issues: smart growth, transportation, crime, and education. Their positions really weren't that far apart in some cases, but there were definitely some nuances. But the problem is that Beaker is your typical Republocrat. He's been involved in the local planning commision and he's approved all of this growth, re-zoning, new developments. So he says he wants smart growth, but doesn't do anything. It reminds me of the Bush's Clear Air Act, with just a little bit more Carbon Monixide allowed. Or the Clean Water Act, with just a little more mercury allowed. It's say one thing, but do another. Oh, my pet peeve for the evening? Apparently Beaker worked for the local representative and a ton of his staff were there to support thier pal. Fine. But I think it's bad form when you don't applaud for the other candidate. Even if it's just the polite clapping thing. They are both up there doing their thing and a little civility would be nice.

I'm heading south again this weekend to help out the last bit of the campaign. Sadly, on Sunday I'm going to be monitoring church parking lots to ensure no hateful homophobic flyers are put on cars while people are at their church services. Apparently that's a common practice to get out the vote of the republican base. Nice.