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Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonjour from Paris! Today is Thanksgiving and I had pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner. I tried to get my carb fix in Jimbo, I really tried!

Let's see yesterday my sister, bnl, and I went to the Musee du Rodin. Definitely interesting and I now understand why there are so many replicas of the The Thinker and how they are all original pieces. After the museum, we hit the Marais for lunch at this little restaurant that specialized in tarts and quiches. Quite good and then we shopped a bit. After bnl went home to pick up the kiddos, my sister and I went to the US Embassy (very cool) and then walked/shopped our way up the Champs Elysee. I found some very cool coats, but even an XL here is too small for me. (Note to self: I must start my diet when I get back!) My sister didn't like the Matrix looking coats, but I did. And then finally in the last shop I broke down and bought a man bag (purse, whatevah!). I hate my backpack because it screams american touriste in the worst way. But I want to carry my camera, my tour book, etc. So the answer is the man bag. It's pleather, but good quality plether. Plus this way if I decide the man bag look isn't for me, then I haven't dropped a bundle on a nice leather bag that I'll never use.

Today I hit the Musee d'Orsay and the excellent impressionist collection they have. I really like Renoir, Sisley, and then the dot guys: Seurat, and Segat I think. Afterwards, I hooked up with my sister and her family and we trekked across town looking for a pizza place. Not a good thing to do with small hungry children. But we finally struck gold and found a pizza place. Afterwards, we walked a bit more and then the bnl took the kiddos home and my sister and I went to Notre Dame. Afterwards, we stood in line in the rain for almost an hour (it was MISERABLE) to see the Doisneau exhibit. But the exhibit was great. Afterwards we trekked home for dinner. If it has stopped raining, I may go out tonight, but we'll see.

Au Revoir!