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"Aggressive Interogation Techniques"

Or AITs as I'm sure they are known. Because torture is just too simple of a word.

So, finally, some proof that Bush did sign specific memos authorizing torture. If the Wash Post and New York Times are to be believed. Which is entirely debatable to some of my classmates who are still in the liberal, MSM, bashing mode. The question I have yet to ask is why they think the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, Fox News, or even the Drudge Report hasn't broken any of the major new stories about the government and this administration breaking the laws of our country. Oh they will pick up on the bandwagon eventually, but usually only to hype the danger posed by the revealing of these "secrets." I hope the ACLU wins their fight and we finally get to see these memos.

As the NYTimes said today: "Americans have a right to know what standards their president has been applying to the treatment of prisoners. The nation’s image is at stake, as well as the safety of every man and woman who is fighting Mr. Bush’s so-called war on terror."