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3 People I Hate (Today's Edition)

1. The rocket scientist who thought it was a good idea to put a can of tuna fish into the "Eat Right" box that United sells. Because on a hot, bumpy, nauseating flight, what you really want to smell is the overwhelming odor of tuna.

2. The Washington Flyer Mafia thug who worked the desk at Dulles last night at 1AM. After assorted cancelled and delayed flights, alternative routings, and ending up at the wrong airport at 1AM, what I really need is some guy giving me a hard time when I'm just trying to get home, and yet somehow doing it with a condescending attitude. BITE ME!

3. The really hot guy at the gym today who would keep going to the mirror and lifting up his shirt to look at his 6 pack abs. Yep, they are still there. Yep, they are still there. Yep, they are still there.