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Something *Fresh*

Walking back from Lincoln Theatre last night in the fog and light drizzle, I passed Halo as a group of twinks came stumbling out the door.

"Ohhhh GURL! Tell me what happened! I need something FRESH for my blog." I could almost see the theatrical snaps going off in the background.


The Pet Shop Boys RULE!! Andrews does a great job describing the concert. A friend and I went and we had the most awesome box seats. Great view, but little dancing room which was the only downer. Great music. An amazing set of new and old music. Someone one said that the PSB make "sad music happy, and happy music sad." And it's true. A lot of their up tempo songs aren't very upbeat, and some of their slow, down-temp songs, are actually quite happy and positive. Constitution Hall was a great venue, small enough to be intimate, but large enough to hold a decent size crowd. Probably the best concert I've seen in years.


R.I.P Habeous Corpus.

To quote the PSB: "It's a Sin." And so very, very sad.