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I Love Kylie

And I'm willing to duel Jimbo for her.

I first heard Kylie when I was in Australia in 2001. Sure I had heard that crazy/awful "Locomotion" song, but that doesn't really count. No it was in Sydney that I first came under Ms. Kylie's spell. I was spending my nights on the Golden Mile that is Oxford St. There must have been a dozen gay bars within a 8 or so blocks. Just heaven. I was newly out and the world was my oyster. I was staying up late, hitting the pubs, then slamming a red bull (yeah, that's right I was IN on Red Bull back in 2001!), and then I would dance the night away. At some point, almost every night, I would end up at the Midnight Shift which a nice little dance floor always packed with hot little Aussies. It was like a dream come true. Night after night I would end up at the Midnight Shift. Kylie would start to play and I would sing with her:

One a night like this, I wanna stay forever, stay forever,
One a night like this, Just wanna be together
One a night like this