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Sexy Stupid. Just Plain Stupid. And Just Sexy!

As usual as I got ready for work this morning, I had VH-1 on. I'm getting tired of some of their "You Oughta Know" artists, but still the music mix is pretty good. Then Fergie's new song comes on. Ugh! You've got to be kidding?

All my girls get down on the floor
Back to back drop it down real low
I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho
Because you know what, I don't give a f***
So here we go!
How come every time you come around
My London London Bridge want to go down
Like London London want you to go down
Like London London be going down

So yes it's probably got a good beat and Fergie is hot and all that (if you like that type) but what a stupid, moronic song. Of course, this is the same person who had a song just for her "Lovely Lady Lumps." Please stop the madness. Please.

Speaking of stopping the madness, I don't think it's rocket science to figure out that you shouldn't be using your work PC and office supplies to run your own business. FROM YOUR OFFICE! One of our guys just left and when they were doing back ups of his PC they discovered that he was running a business from his office. Oh, he was using our company phone, address, fax number in the marketing materials he had made. What a moron. I'm mad we didn't fire him.

Well I got a "press release" from a porno company announcing that the owner was setting up a blog. (Definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK) I'm not sure if this is really a first, but if it is it's kind of surprising considering how quickly the porn industry latched on to the internet to really push their business. Anyways, it's kind of weird reading. But good eye candy.