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Ptown 2006

It was a short, but fun trip. I will say that the weather pretty much sucked the whole time. And I know this as my credit card bill is going to be tres ugly from all of the shopping I did. But I did pick up some cool stuff, including a pair of pants from these guys who were really cool.

Okay, a quick t-shirt round up:

- I was never your boyfriend.
- What are you still doing here? All the stupid people left hours ago.
- My hate is divided equally among everyone. Please make a note of it.

Plus some other fun ones.

Okay, time for some pics. I took this on Tuesday as the ferry approached Ptown.

This is me, and me again (!) at the T-Dance.

One rainy, overcast day in Ptown.

Oh, and this is where I spent my evenings in Ptown. I didn't see this guy, but can you say yummy in a totally rough trade kind of way?