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If You Have Time To Spare, Travel By Air

I'm starting off with a bad attitude so no matter what happens, I'll be ready for it.

I'm at the COS airport early. No line on the 4th of July, I know, what a shocker. And I'm taking advantage of their free Wifi. Did you hear that National? Did you hear that Ohare? FREE WIFI!!! It just kills me that a rinky-dinky airport like COS has free Wi-Fi, but National and Ohare, don't.

So while I'm sitting here, I'm doing my usual people watching. On my flight out here it was better. DCA was full of the interesting mix of business people, people going on vacation, and then people going to visit families (which is not necessarily a vacation!). Dallas was a bit more interesting. Now I know why I avoid Texas if possible. Lots of families, lots of big families. I almost felt sad for the little girl, skinny as a rail, trailing behind her very heavy families. Kind of sad really. On my flight from Dallas to COS, I did see quite a few military hotties. COS has a large military presences, so it makes sense. There was one who was just HOT, sleeveless shirt that showed off his muscular arm and nice tattoo. Yum. Unfortunately, as the baggage carusel I saw Suddenly Sluttly Suzi wrap herself around him. Hello honey, you know they do sell bras, don't you? I'm sure your BF was glad to see so much of your chest, but for the rest of us, not so much. There were some other hotties, but my bag was one of the first ones out, so I bailed pretty quickly.

In theory I should be back in DC around 5PMish. In time to start a load of laundry, hit the soviet safeway, and then maybe go for a run. I'm not sure what I'm doing for the fireworks. After sleeping on the modern day equivalent of a bed of nails, I'm thinking sleep sounds good. We'll see.