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Almost Human

It's almost 6PM on a Sunday and I'm almost feeling human. I think the aspirin has finally kicked in. And no, my general feeling of ickiness has nothing to do with alcohol, but more with just being old.

Washington DC is slowly counting down the days till Nation is gone and replaced by a huge multi-level parking lot for the new baseball stadium. So this was the second to last Saturday night there and I went with a friend. It was okay. I really thought it would be more packed, but it was actually quite lame. I suspect most people were either still coming back from the beach or waiting for next Saturday night for the big blow out. I will say that I guess I know where the little go-go boys from Secrets went to. They were dancing on the little stages and boxes in their underwear. I looked at their little, tiny, effiminate, almost pre-pubescent bodies and thought: EAT SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!! Dear God, there's a difference between having six pack abs and seeing ribs. It's not sexy. At all. Which also reminds me why I never really liked Secrets. It's because I like men. Not these barely legal waifs. So sad. My friend and I bounced back and forth from the main room to the blue room. The main room was full of the ever present techno beat with a few songs with words thrown in just to fool you. The blue room was playing good music when we first arrived, but later was a strange mix of foreign and hip hop music that left me feeling very old and very white. We left around 3AM.

And then of course I was up at 0730. I stayed in bed for a bit longer but really didn't sleep. Then got up and went to church. Which was good. Our Rector was at the General Convention and she gave a great sermon. I really love my church. But unfortunately they pretty much used all of the strength/energy I had today, so I've been curled up watching the first season of Project Runway on Bravo and trying to nap. If I wasn't feeling so icky, I would enjoy the general slothness of the day. Oh well. Now it's time for some work. Ugh.