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Chicago! (Part 2)

One of the things I love about Mr. No Karma is his total dedication to all things pop culture and fashion. He lent me his Details magazine at the airport and pointed to some new terms that we have to adopt. The word of the day is "teenile". Teenile is an adjective to describe somone dressing in age inappropriate clothing. For example, "Mr. Sister is totally teenile in that A&F t-shirt. Honey, you're pushing 40, let it go." Not that we would ever say such of thing of course.

While I came back to the hotel, Mr. No Karma was tripping the light fantastic at a club called Hydrate, which we just assume is reminder to all of the circuit queens that they need to drink water after all of their party drugs. Anyways, he didn't roll in (no pun intended) until 4AM. So the early morning get up I had planned (I am kind of an itinerary nazi) was not to be. We finally left the hotel around 11AM and walked up Michigan Avenue. One of the great things about Chicago is it's skyline. There were just so many amazing buildings with just impressive architectures. And unlike NYC, they are king of spaced out, so you're not overwhelmed and you can appreciate each one individually. Just very cool.

Michigan Avenue is called the Magnificent Mile and I assume it's the equivalent to 5th Ave in NYC. We're talking some major shopping opporunities. After a quick bit to eat and a great little sandwich shop on one of the side streets, we hit Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, and Nordstroms. We did hit a good sale at Kenneth Cole but Hugo Boss was not good to us. But we did some heavy shopping in Nordstroms. Which brings us to the second word of the day: "Trashion." Trashion is a combination of trash and fashion. It's clothes that make you look trashy whether it's done intentionally or not. So most of our shopping in Nordstroms was for some trashion. I'm about 3 seasons late buying the distressed rocker t-shirts, so I finally broke down and bought some. Of course, while we are in the middle of gay men's mecca, who do we run into, but Greek God and his friends. Even Mr. No Karma had to give him a "Hallah-f&ckn-ma-shandah." (sp?) That's his hightes rating for hotties. Life is just not fair.

Part of the fun of wandering up and down the Magnificent Mile was playing the fashion game. Like on a road trip where you would look for license plates from different states, we played count the cammie shorts. They were everywhere. While they have gone from de-riguer for the gay boys, they've been coopted by the straight boys as well. So they were everywhere! We actually lost count at some point.

After shopping we came back to the hotel for a disco nap, we hit the gym, and they we were pumped for a night on the town. Or sort of. We headed to Boystown for dinner and got a nice greasy burger (must start diet on Monday!) and then walked up the street to check out some of the bars. It was just okay, and we ended up back at Sidetracks where it was just packed to the gills and I got more than a little claustrophobic. So after one drink, we headed back to the hotel.