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We can't be related!!

We can't. There must have been some mix up at the hospital. There must have been.

So Dad got back last night. They didn't get into the city until almost 1030 and then he WALKED from the hostel to my condo. I can't believe he did that. Hell, even I wouldn't walk that at night. But he got in safe and sound. He knocked back a whiskey and told me about the trip. In 6 days, he rode over 350 miles up the C&O Canal and up into Pennsylvania until they were close to Pittsburgh. How impressive is that for a man about to turn 76!! It was almost midnight by the time we crashed.

Up at 7AM. We walked over to Starbucks since I don't have coffee at my place. And during the short 5 minute walk he used the term spic or wetback atleast 5 times. We have to pass the corner where the day workers hang out, and so it just rolled off his tongue and I just cringed. And this later this AM, while we were watching MS-NBC (because I refused to turn on Faux TV), they reported something about GITMO and he made some comments about just killing them all.

Who is this man? This is the man who served in the Army for over 30 years and in that time I never heard him speak derogatorily toward any minority. He talked about race relations, he had many troops who were black or hispanic serving under him, and I think he understood that all men are created equal. It's just weird/sad to hear him talk this way now.

I'm not sure if it's a generational thing, or a result of the accident he had, or maybe it's the product of the brain washing by Faux TV. But he's my Dad and I love him. So I just bite my tongue and don't say anything. Getting into an argument isn't going to help anything.

There are so many things that I admire about my Dad. He really is remarkable, but he's not perfect, he's human. And so am I. Just like he's got to take the good and bad about me, I've got to do the same. Becuase in the end, we are family and I do love him.