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Just a couple of drinks

Went out this evening to a little happy hour thing called First Tuesdays. It's little roving happy hour that goes from bar to bar on the first Tuesday of every month and usually brings out 60-80 guys. So it's not a bad thing. Greek Boy and I went. I was dressed in my work clothes, but freshly showered and coiffed after my run. I must say I did look at bit dapper. Another one of my "friends" joined us. Let's call him 2Name. He's someone I dated (the rebound), then broke up (what was I thinking?) and then we tried to stay friends. That really hasn't worked so well. And after trying for awhile, I determined that the problem wasn't that it was all about him. The problem was that it was all about him while cutting me down. It was some sort of weird competition that I just didn't get. And it just became very tiring to be around him. We had some sort of fight and he claimed he never wanted to see/talk with me again (hello drama) and I was like fine. Have a nice life. And then 6 months later, he calls me. Oy vey. Anyways, 2Name joined us at the happy hour. There were enough guys there to keep him occupied, but at dinner he was working over Greek Boy like there was no tomorrow. It was shameless and so not subtle. And it was the whole scenario over again when we talked. He wants to me to call him again, but we'll see. I hate being rude, so I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with it.

Couple of highlights. The tall, built, scruffy guy I've been psuedo stalking stopped me and said hello. He lives across the street from me and he made some comment about looking through my windows. I asked him what he's seen and he said nothing. I told him he needs to let me know when he's looking and I would put on a show for him. So how's that for flirting? Of course we left before I got to chat with him again.

We ate dinner at the Diner. Two guys I've psuedo lusted after separately are on a date together. Totally the Ken and Ken thing. Shoot me now. And my own very secret blog daddy was there as well having dinner. I wanted to be cool, so I didn't say anything. But I told 2Name and GreekBoy the first time I saw him at the blog jam almost two years ago. It lead to the creation of this blog!

So yes, I had a couple of drinks. Okay maybe a bit more. Now it's time to sleep, perchance to dream! Nite folks!