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If it's Tuesday it must be . . . .

Los Angeles. Carson to be exact, but let's not quibble about details. Especially since the whole time I was driving through Carson I was thinking about a scene from "Valley Girl" where Nick Cage tells "Julie" : "If they attack the car, save the radio." It was just a bit too sketchy for me.

Umm, let's see. Monday I was at the Google Campus in Mountain View. OMG, so cool. It really was. And we ate at their cafeteria which offers like 6 different cuisines. It was awesome. The downside? I've never felt so old. I'm fairly certain the average age there is 24. Or it just looked that way. But I would totally work for Google. In a heartbeat.

After the training/meeting thing, I drove back up to SFO. It was one of those rare just amazingly clear, beautiful, sunny days in San Francisco. I kept looking out the window thinking I could so see myself living here. It's just that little thing called a job holding me back.

Flew from SFO to LAX. Got the rental car. Drove to the hotel. Crashed. Had the meeting today and we got out early. Since I'm still taking medicine for my shingles, I thought it would probably not be a good idea to go visit my sister and her family. If I infected my niece and nephew with chicken pox, she would kill me. And yes, I mean that literally.

So I'm on the 1030PM red eye tonight back to DC. Where I go directly from the airport to a meeting. And to top off my great day planned for tomorrow, I'm getting a filling replaced. Hopefully between the sleep deprivation and the novacaine, I'll just fall asleep in the dentist chair.

Wow, I really do live the glamorous life!