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What Omens?

So last night I stayed up late working. Had a big brief to my psycho customer and I was trying to work the financials and it was driving me crazy. If we do X, Y, and Z before December, it will cost this much. If we have to do X, Y, and C before next January, it will cost this much. If we A, Y, and R before the middle of next March, it will cost this much. I kept trying to predict all of the random potential combinations and have costing for them and I just got more and more frustrated as I work. I finally go to sleep, depressed and mentally preparing for the beating to come in the morning.

I wake up after a fitful sleep and turn on the TV. I watch VH1 in the morning, and the first song they play is the new Dixie Chick's song: "Not Ready To Make Nice." Uh oh. I can feel that stubborness coming on and now I'm worried that if I get pressed to hard, I'll snap. I shake it off. I can handle it. The next song comes on. It's Daniel Powter's "Bad Day." Ugh. Should I even go into work today because this really isn't looking good. I don't really have a choice. I turn off the TV. I'm afraid the next song is going to be "WalkAway" by Kelly Clarkson.

The two hour meeting we have is cut down to about 12 minutes. And is actually fairly productive and non-abusive. YEAH! So that's a good thing.

I bounce from meeting to meeting, all of them freakishly good. And then I get the best news of the day, week, month, or maybe even the year.

My first real program manager job with my company was on a project out of New Jersey. It was an interesting project and had lots of potential. But the government customer was kind of a loose cannon. Not exactly psycho, but definitely not right. Our relationship was never good as he kept trying to push the envelope on certain things that I didn't feel comfortable with, doing things we weren't supposed to do, and not do things we were supposed to do. After working with him for almost a year, including a hellish trip to Kuwait, we finally parted company with him. Our contract wasn't over, but he decided to switch contractors and we were good with that.

Today we found out that he was arrested for fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion. I'm sorry, I know it's schadenfreude, but it really made my day. Call it justice, call it karma, call it whatever. But it really made my day!

Omens? What omens! Hell, I should buy a lottery ticket today!