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Awards Ceremony

I called my Mom on Thursday night to let her know that I was going to an award ceremony that the US Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales was going to be. I told her that I was going to wear my "Red State = Police State" T-shirt. And my mother freaked. She just went off on how I need to remember my upbringing, that it would be inappropriate, and on and on. It took me like five minutes to calm her down. Puh-lease. Can you just give me some credit for being a responsible, mature, adult. First of all I *know* it would be completely inappropriate. Plus, I would never do anything to embarass my friend getting the award. That would just be wrong.

The award ceremony was part of the National Crime Victims' Rights week. My best friend works for a victims' rights organization and does just a great job. It just always amazes me that he can do something that can really make a positive change on people's lives. And it's not just a job for him, but a passion. And he is so good at it. He totally deserved the award. The ceremony was very moving and there were several other awards for other peoples who help crime victims around the country. I think at the end of the ceremony there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Okay, so can I be a bit bitchy? Who actually says their name with the middle initial in it. They kept mentioning Gonzales and they would say his whole name: Alberto R Gonzales. Okay, I can see where in the pamphlet or the certificates they would show his middle initial, but to actually say it. It's just weird. And they did it over and over again. :"Alberto R Gonzales" "Alberto R Gonzales." Just weird.

Oh, and the irony. The last time I was in the Mellon Auditorium was for the Cherry Circuit party a couple of years ago. So that's funny.

Cherry is this weekend also, but I'm avoiding it like the plague. I'm in no shape to dance with my shirt off. So no cherry for Trey.