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Crippled and Crash

So walking down 17th St after lunch, I'm talking with a friend and not really paying attention to where I'm walking. And I pop my left ankle. Can you say "F%ck!" It's not too bad, but now I've got a matching pair of weak, tender, ankles. So I guess I'm not dancing anytime soon. On the plus side, I've been looking for a good excuse to not start running again, so there's that.

Just watched Crash. Good, excellent really, but in a really disturbing way. The whole multi-layer story is excellent and the unspoken commentary about race in our country was just over powering and made me think about my little episode outside of Whole Foods. ShouldI have reacted the way I did? Should I have just been the better person and walked away? My outrage and reaction was not going to change her mind, but at what point do you stop and say that type of behaviour just isn't acceptable. Walking away would have just re-inforced her perceptions and prejudices. Standing up to her felt good in an odd way, but in the end it probably didn't make any difference to her.