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Land of the Living Dead

That would be me. Sick as a dog for the whole week. I've been shlepping my way into work and suffering through most of the day and then come home and just collapse. So sad. Interestingly enough, I seem to be getting the best sleep ever when I'm medicated with Nyquil. Better living through chemisty. Gotta love it. The only problem is the medicine head in the morning when I feel like I'm moving through jello. I almost fell asleep in a meeting. Not good.

Looking forward to the three day weekend when I can just relax. Need some good down time. And can hopefully get back on track with the diet. Today was my first day at the gym and I thought I was going to cough up a lung on the treadmill. Or throw up. Either one.

So at the gym tonight I saw someone whose profile I had seen on one of the more adult oriented web sites. Umm, not as cute as picture. Not at all. And then I wonder if that's what people say about me. Oh well.