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Cruise Report Part I

Who, What, When, Where and Why: In no particular order.

Well first of all I should tell you that I wasn’t supposed to take this cruise. I signed up for it after my first cruise with the sole intention of getting the discount and then rolling to the Med cruise this summer. But then life got in the way and I kind of got distracted, and by the time I remembered this, I was going to loose like $600 in cancellation/re-booking fees. So I said, “The Caribbean in January? Sure, why not!” And it was a good thing. I needed to get away from work. And there’s nothing like being on a ship with 3200 gay men to take you mind off work. You’re more worried about your neck twisting off while trying to check everyone out.

Okay, it wasn’t completely gay. There were some straight women friends along for the ride (aka fag hags), some lesbians, and even a Mom or two. But Atlantis bills this as the largest gay cruise and with over 3200 people on board, I’d say they were right. But it was mainly men of all shapes, sizes, and ages. I again was probably in the upper section of the bell curve when it came to age, but not by much.

Leaving out of Miami, we headed south to Cozumel, then to Grand Cayman, and then to Royal Caribbean’s private island resort called Labadee. Unlike my last two cruises where I went alone, I actually had a friend with me this time. However, he had met some guy just before the cruise and so he spent a lot of time focusing on his new boy friend. Our schedules and activities didn’t quite match, but we had a good time together.


Tulum is this amazing seaside Mayan ruin just south of Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula. We had to anchored off of Cozumel since the big pier had been destroyed by Hurrican Wilma. We left the ship via tender and went directly to Playa Del Carmen on the Mexico mainland. There we had a one hour bus ride to get to Tulum (not counting in the mandatory tourist trap stop). My only experience with Mayan ruins was my trip to Belize a couple of years ago and I was looking forward to seeing the large ruins at Tulum. The bus ride down was long, but I napped for most of it. We got to the site and the tour guide started to drone on and I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore, so I bailed from the group and wandered on my own.

It was just amazing.

The ruins are pretty well preserved and that’s partly because they have restricted access to the ruins so you can’t climb them anymore. But we could still get pretty close and look at these ancient ruins. The funny thing is that the hurricane destroyed the pier in Cozumel last year, but it didn’t do any real damage to these buildings built thousands of years ago. How amazing is that? The sun was out and it was getting hot as I wandered around the site. The village is a walled city with the exception of one side that has these very picturesque cliffs that overlook this pretty beach. There were lots of people on the beach and in the water swimming.

The water was so many different beautiful shades of blue and green and looked so refreshing and inviting and I was kicking myself for not thinking of bring a bathing suit. I would have jumped in commando if no one had been there. But not with other people and families present. We spent about 2.5 hours there and it was really fascinating and pretty. But hot! I was ready for the air conditioning on the bus ride back.

Dinner with the Porn Star

So have you ever been some place and you see someone you know, but you aren’t sure who they are or why you know them?

After returning from Tulum, we had dinner in the main dining room and as I was looking around, I saw someone at the table across from me up against the glass wall looking out over the ocean. He was hot! Short hair, a dark scruffy yummy goatee going, and I could see a little bit of a tattoo on his really nice biceps peaking out from his shirt sleeve. So while everyone was chatting about their day in Cozumel, I’m checking out the hottie trying to wrack my brain to figure out who this guy is and how I know him. So I’m staring. And I realize that I’m staring, but it’s killing me. And then it finally hits me. He’s a porn star and I’ve actually got several of his movies. So I know him, but I don’t really *know* him. Here's a pic from the White Party. He's the one on the right.

I’m afraid to know what it means when I think I know someone from a porn movie. And that’s definitely a rhetorical question. No answers are needed.