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In favor of segregation

Last Thursday, in what can only be explained as a sure sign of the rapidly approaching end of world, I went out. Yes, I went out on a Thursday night.

I had heard of this bar in Adams Morgan that does a gay night called Hush and thought I would check it out. I've lived in DC for over a year now and never seem to leave the gay ghetto (and why should I? It *IS* fabulous after all). But a friend and I decided to head up to Hush which was hosting a Madonna CD release party. And as sure as death and taxes, Madonna will bring all of the gay boys out. So we were thinking it would be fun.

We cabbed up to Adams Morgan and as we emerged from the cab, we could hear the music thumping. That was a good sign. However, the music was thumping from a big black van in front of Hush that had "Hot 99.5" on it. 99.5 is one of the radio stations in town and definitely plays to the younger and more urban crowd. Sure you'll hear Madonna on it, but you'll also hear alot of rap and hip-hop. So the appearance of the van and 99.5 was an interesting twist.

We got inside Hush and I avoided the $10 all you can drink option since I did have to work the following day and my friend and I sort of hung out. Hush is held at a restaurant/bar/club called Chloe and it is way cool inside. Very cool space, interesting lighting, just very hip. And the music was pumping in here also. Some good music, but only one in six songs was by Madonna, so it was a bit weird. Especially with the Madonna concert on the video screen in the background.

The crowd inside was definitely very mixed. There were some people who were hold over from dinner, some who had just arrived to start drinking, etc. It was black, white, asian, hispanic. And it was definitely an interesting mix of straight and gay.

Like some sad junior high school dance, at first the two crowds were at opposite ends of the bar. And then as more and more people showed up, it became more mixed.

Despite my lack of buzz on Diet Coke, I was having fun and my friend and I were playing spot the hottie. After a bit, we both turned our attention to one guy. Moderate height, good build, blue sweater with a funky design on it, jeans, short brownish hair, and good shoes. Definitely a candidate. But he was hanging out with a girl who we just assumed was his fag hag. We watched them for a bit and then became concerned when she kept touching him. My friend and I looked at each other and thought, okay, but some people are like that. But our concern turned to horror as they proceeded to hooch like there was no tomorrow. So much for the gay guy and his fag hag. We were looking at a metrosexual and his girlfriend. We quickly went to the bar and got a drink.

We left a little bit after that episode. We were just a little bit depressed. The music still was only okay. The crowd was young and hot, but there was too much girl-boy dirty dancing going on. Please, get a room. I don't see that much hooching and grinding at a circuit party! We left and cabbed back to our gayborhood for a night cap before heading our separate ways.

I think it might be interesting to go back to Hush when it's only a gay night. But it didn't start to get crowded until almost 11PM and that's late for me on a work night.