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Annapolis - The Movie

Yes, there is going to be a movie about the Naval Academy called "Annapolis". The scuttlebutt (that's Navy lingo for gossip) is that while it was not filmed at the Naval Academy, everyone is hoping that it will act as a psuedo recruiting effort sort of like what Top Gun did for the Navy in the late 80s.

So since I am a bit of a pop culture junky, I was leafing through the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly and saw where they had reviewed the trailer for "Annapolis":

"I didn't know Abercrombie & Fitch had their own navy. Stirring and patriotic in a totally manufactured, insincere way. C-." Ouch.

Of course, I was going to go see it just to be able to make the snide comments about how completely inaccurage and unrealistic it is. But now I need to go to look at the hotties as well!