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Cruise Highlights

I've been sucked into work in the worst way, but did want to share some of the highlights of the cruise. I'm working up a full fledge trip report. Hopefully that will be done next weekend. In the meantime, here' are some good tidbits:

- Overheard: "She (and they were referring to a guy) was so ugly the tide wouldn't take her out."

- All of the hot men.

- Shann Carr, the resident comedienne tells this story of the first Atlantis cruise. It's 6AM after the White Party and the crowd is still jumping. Another cruise ship slowly approaches on the port side and then falls back. Then it comes up the starboard side, and then falls back. Later the Captain said that the other cruise ship had called them on the radio and said, "Are you all right? There is smoke (fog), explosions (flashing lights & lasers) and people screaming on your deck (people dancing), are you going down?" The Captain wasn't sure how to respond. Obviously some people were going down. ; )

- We had Charo and Deborah Cox on the cruise! And I sang (badly) with Deborah Cox. What a great show. She totally rules!

- Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas. It was just clear and so amazing.

- Buying drugs in Mexico. And no, not what you think. If you need to pick up Viagra, or Cialis, or whatever, Mexico is the place to go. I wandered into one of the pharmacies where some of the steriod queens were trying to buy some stuff so of course I did a little bit of eves-dropping. They were looking for demerol, oxycontin, and some other stuff I didn't recognize.

- Which brings me to why they need the drugs. In a case of poor planning, I schedule my massage at 9AM on the day after the white party. I went to sleep somewhere around 4AM, but was in the ready room of the spa at little before 9AM where I saw some cracked out muscle queen cruising the steam room. They need drugs like demerol so they can sleep after a hard night of partying with tina. Just say no boys. Just say no.

- The "Mommie Dearest Obstacle Course" that involved yelling out "Tina, bring me the axe" and cutting roses. And slamming a pepsi and yelling, "Don't fuck with me boys, this isn't my first time at the rodeo." And of course reconstructing a hangar while yelling, "No more wire hangers!!". Just too funny.

- Dancing under the stars.

More in the trip report.