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SPWA: Stupid People With Attitude

I work in an office building in Rosslyn across the river from DC. Our building has the usual mix of different companies and organizations in it. Interestingly enough, at the basement level, in addition to the almost requisite deli, the builiding also houses the Graham Web Hair Academy. So everyday I see the swarm of student stylists decked out in black (it's like a uniform almost) with the most insane hair colors and styles. You can go down there and get your hair cut for like $5, but um, no thanks.

At lunchtime, the little waifish thin girls all storm into the deli in a little tizzy to get their food and then sit out in the courtyard and gossip I guess and I rarely pay them any attention. Usually I'm focused on getting my food and then going back up to my desk. Yes I know that's just as sad, but maybe a bit more productive.

Anyways, the deli has specials and the first special is the same every day. And I mean every day, for like the 4 years I've been going there. It's a Philly Cheesesteak, Fries, and a Soda for $5.99. Not a bad deal, if you want the cholesteral clot.

So I wander into the deli and there are two "student stylists" in front of me. SS #1 asks for just a side of french fries. SS #2 asks for a Philly Cheesesteak and a side of fries.

The little mexican lady behind the counter looks at her and goes, "So you want #1 special."

SS #2 looks at the special board and says, "No, I want a Philly Cheesesteak and some fries."

The little mexican lady behind the counter has a bit of an accent, but I can understand her pretty well. But she's confused as I am at this point, and says again, "So you want #1 special."

SS #2 responds, "No, I want a Philly Cheesesteak with Fries."

The lady respond, "#1 is a Cheesesteak with fries."

SS #2: "I know, but it comes with a drink and I don't want the drink."

The lady is confused and I decide to try to be helpful:

Me: "You know it's cheaper if you just get the special and don't get the drink."

At which point SS #2 turns to me and says snottily: "Thank you. I
know that."

I stare at her in amazement and she tosses her hair behind her shoulder as she dismisses me.

The lady behind the counter has caught all of this mind you and rolls her eyes at me. I smile back at her.

As luck would have it, I'm behind SS #2 when she pays for her food. The lady behind the counter very clearly marked on the container: $4.99 for the Cheese steak. And $2.00 for the french fries.