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We Call The Monkey Jack

Yep, had another one of those days. How bad was it? I personally think it's bad when you want to call the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Hotline on your own customer. Sure I'd lose my job, but shouldn't there be some justice in this world?

Nearly had an aneurism after trying, unsuccessfully, to convince my customer that it made no sense to send one of my guys to Kuwait for a week, the bring them back to attend a week of training to support going into Iraq, and then sending him back to the Middle East so he could go install a system there. What was the urgent, pressing, requirement to support that couldn't wait for one single trip? Because he said so. I'm not sure what pisses me off more: the fact that we're just going to fuck with my guy's personnal life for 3-4 weeks or the money that is being wasted by lack of a real plan.

Had to bring our graphics guy over to meet with the customer today. Met with him and spent a good 20 minutes deflecting the random spears and missiles, the incorrect technical comments, and just insane schedule ideas he had. We got kicked out of the meeting and sat in the lobby for awhile. My graphics guy nailed my customer's personality in under 20 minutes.

"Interesting guy. He's kind of all over the place. And it's all about power with him." My other favorite comment from my graphics guy was, "You know, you get more bees with sugar."

I looked at him blankly. I'm just so used to the twist reality that is my life. I looked at him and responded.

"You've got the wrong management technique. His motto is: "I've never stood so high as when I've stood on the backs of my fallen contractors."