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Been really busy this week but didn't get a chance to blog. So here I go:

Random (and not so Random) Acts of Violence.
A woman was attacked about 4 blocks from my condo. I walk down that street and it's pretty nice. A guy whacked out on PCP just came up to her and starting stabbing her. She called for help and people rushed to help her. It took 5 guys to hold him down. She's going to make it, but apparently it was real ugly. Even in Dupont, one of the nicer areas in DC, you can't escape violence. Just living in today's world you need to know that no matter where you are, you're not particularly safe. And I'm not getting all dooms-dayish here. It's just another reason to be on the look out, know where you, situational awareness. Sometimes there's a randomness you just can't avoid.

This week London was also attacked by terrorist and it looks like there are over 50 people dead. This was no random. This was planned. The coverage has been pretty interesting and I'm loving some of the personl accounts via blogs. Andrew Sullivan has been pretty hard core and captured alot of the reactions from across the pond. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families.

Tired of Less? Me too!
To be accurate, I'm tired of Less. The Lesser of two evils. With O'Connor's retirement, both sides of the political spectrum have started to gear up for war. It looks like Gonzales may be a real candidate. Talking with a friend of mine, he was like: Gonzales isn't that bad. And it's true if you look at the right wing political machine and the attacks they are doing on him. He isn't "that bad." So he's the lesser of two (or probably more) evils. But why can't we get someone who is actually good? Gonazales was an integral part of the Iraqi torture scandal and somehow determined that the Geneva conventions were "quaint." This is the guy you want to put on the Supreme Court? If this is what comes across as a moderate conservative, we are really in bad shape.

Who Cares Anyways?
One of the things I noticed about my visit to my sister and her family is how politically apathetic they are. Gay rights? Abortion? Taxes? Abu Ghraib? None of it really effects them, so they don't care. My sister works, my brother in law stays home with the kids. They've got real life problems to deal with and don't have the time/energy to get involved in politics. It's kind of sad, but I really think that's a common problem in America. If you are working hard to just get food on the table, pay the rent, and maybe squeeze some money in savings, then you don't have time to read about the issues, get involved, support the different politcal organizations. So their voice, their ideas, their problems get lost in the political discussions of our world. I don't blame my sister at all. After working all day, coming home to help cook dinner, bathtime for the kids, read them a book and put them to bed, she's barely got any time to herself, much less time to share with her husband. But still it's sad.

Take Me Out
A group of friends went to see Take Me Out last night. It was awesome and just a funny as I remembered. Classic lines:

"Fuck the gay community."
"I would but they don't want me."

Or "The beauty of a narrow life is that the small deviations produces staggering results."

Off to Ptown at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Time for some serious decompression time. Yeah!!!