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So can I tell you that I'm getting a little ego boost just by being at Bear Week here in Ptown? I've never felt for svelte!

After two days making the trek to the beach, I decided to head to one of the hotels that has a pool where you can just rent a lounge chase for a buck or two and then have access to the waiter who will bring you a cool frosty drink on a hot day like today. It was a great time. The weather was perfect, the music was interesting, and the pool was full of bears. Happy, friendly, swimming bears. Of course the joke (and it's an old one) is about the poor schmuck who has to clean the filter that is full of back (and chest) hair every night.

My radical gay agenda for Ptown today included the Tea Dance. The Tea Dance is from 4-7PM every day at the Boatslip. Even on a Tuesday it was pretty packed. The music was awesome and there was dancing. Yes, dancing bears.

Now, Ptown is a great little town. And after coming up here for 4 years now, I keep thinking I've seen it all. And then I see something and I just scratch my head.

#1. At the Tea Dance, there was a strange man dancing with a little teddy bear. Yes, a teddy bear. And he kept holding it over his head and the lowering his arm so the bear would almost touch the people near by. It was almost like he was giving them a teddy bear blessing. Almost.

#2. At the end of the tea dance, some dancing girls came in to promote their shows. They do this in Ptown, the drag queens or other performing acts will come into to the Tea Dance to push their flyers for their shows. I saw Wonder Woman yesterday and she looked FLAWLESS. But I digress . . . so the DJ had started spinning the great disco classic: "Don't Leave Me This Way". So there were all of these bears dancing their fur off and then there were these dancing girls (think show girls from Las Vegas) who were doing their routine to the music. The dancing crowd was just enthralled and turned en masse to check out the girls. It was just a little too surreal. A group of bears, dancing, and watching showgirls dance.

Only in Ptown.

Speaking of, I love the T-shirts here.

My favorites so far:
1) Front: I Promised I'd Be Good This Summer.
Back: Never mind. Want to Fuck?
2) I've seemed to have mis-placed my boyfriend.
3) Don't make me get my flying monkeys!