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Career Fears

From Dangling Conversation:

"I am so afraid of ending up in a career I am unhappy in just for lack of initiative to find something else."

I understand that completely. I stayed in the Navy probably a little longer than I should have. Would I be where I am now if I got out earlier? Would I be happier if I had come out earlier? Those two questions are kind of intertwined for me, so it's hard to answer.

I always told myself (and maybe it was that kind of quiet lie you tell yourself in the dark since you know no one will call you on it) that I wasn't going to stay some place where I was unhappy all of the time. Be it the Navy or anyplace else. Now that I'm out in the civilian world there are lots of opportunities. But picking the right one is the problem. How will I know it's the right job? Will it really be better? Will I be trading one bad job for another (with a company with worse benefits)?

Better the Devil You Know?

Sometimes I'm not so sure.