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Maximum Density

Yep, I got on the scale this AM and it's official. I'm huge. And not in a good way. So it's time to work the diet again. Working out isn't a problem. My other personality (okay one of them) is Captain Cardio. I have yet to meet a peice of cardio equipment I haven't like. Well, maybe that crappy mountain climber thing. And it's not just cardio equipment, I like to run some also. But my diet is for crap. So I'm going to keep a food journal and try to be good. See if I can find some way to deal with the stress at work that doesn't involve chocolate.

In addition, I now have my own peronal body nazi, I mean trainer. I started that last week and let me tell you it's kicking my ass. And in a good way. I do 30 minutes of cardio before we meet and then we do this vicious circuit training that is just insane. When I leave the gym, I have to walk slowly and concentrate on not throwing up. It's that harsh.

Anyways, so I'm committed and I'm going to lose weight and I'll sort of document my progress here. But I'm not going to mention my real weight in case anyone is actually reading this blog. Just how much I've lost (or gained).