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At Sea and then back to Reality (or atleast my twisted version of it)

The last real day of the cruise passed to quickly. I got up, had breakfast, and then promptly claimed my lounge chair on the pool deck. It was another hard day of sun bathing by the pool, sipping the frozen margaritas, and watching the hot men wander by. As I lay there, contemplating life and trying not to drool over the hottie next to me (married, natch!), I realize that a gay cruise is kind of like going to Ptown. So the town/ship is full of gay men. Okay there are some straights/lesbians, but it’s mainly men. You spend the day at the beach/pool deck and watch all of the hotties. If you want to sun bath au naturale, you walk to the far end of the beach/up to the 12th deck. There are tea dances (not every day on the ship though). And dancing at night. In between you go to eat and then maybe catch a show. So the cruise is just like a floating Ptown. And to drive home the point, one of the guest performers they brought on board was Miss Richfield, 1981. Miss Richfield is a pretty famous drag queen who does shows in Ptown over the summer. I’ve never had a chance to catch her show in Ptown, but I did see it on the ship and it was very cool. The theme for her show was Holy Matrimony and one of the things she did was ask all of the couple to stand up in the crowd and then told them to sit down if they had only been together 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, and then 20 years. At this point, there were easily a dozen couples still standing. One of the couples had been together for 26 years, and they had finally gotten married last year. It was really touching. After her show, they had a lesbian comedienne do her show, Shann Carr. OMG, so funny. And only a lesbian can slam gay men like she did. It was hilarioius. After her show it was time for the last dance. I went but the music wasn’t that good and the whole thing was kind of strange. There were lots of guys in desperation mode. They hadn’t managed to hook up all week and they were just crazy. In the solarium area, there were several guys who had shed their bathing suits and were frolicking in the pool. Or maybe another word that starts with f. I ended up going to say goodbye to Joe and Tom and then I called it an early evening.

Leaving the ship wasn’t the haze I thought it was going to be. My bags had been picked up the night before, so I only had my backpack. I ate a very light breakfast and then it was time for me to leave the ship. I had arranged a transfer, so that gives you priority to leave the ship earlier than most. Going through customs and immigration was a breeze. After that I walked into a huge cavern where I finally found my luggage. Then it was off to the airport only to arrive a mere 5 hours early. Someone just shoot me. Again, that airport is just a mess. There’s no food once you go through security. So I actually had to go back out to get some lunch. The flight left on time and I was already out of vacation mode. Thinking about getting back to DC, laundry, checking work email, oh the madness of it all.

Am I going to do another cruise? Are you kidding me? Hell yes. I signed up for the cruise next January, but may see if I can swing the cruise to Mexico out of San Diego in October. We’ll have to see how that pesky job things pans out.

Okay, last pic from the cruise. These two brazilian boys were out every night in different costumes that somehow exposed the maximum amount of skin. HOT! HOT! HOT! Oh, and they are huge. Like RedBull huge. ; )