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Is bitchslapping a form of exercise?

So the fourth day of this great year and I'm exhausted. If you can't tell the positive outlook on life has been crushed by the realities of my banal existence, then let me clue you in. Just as I suspected, work is proceeding to suck my will to live. And completely sabotage my new years resolution. I didn't work out today, but I hope to get to the gym tomorrow.

The cause of my recent work suckage? A fairly major 2 year, $16M proposal for my project. Not a bad chunk of change, but it's alot of work getting ready for the oral presentation to the government on Thursday. I haven't been sleeping or exercising much, but certainly food and caffienne are my friends. Anyways, I worked late tonight. Working at home is proving a bit challenging with a lot of different distractions. So I stayed in the office. I got home around 10ish and realized that I needed something. So I hiked over to Whole Foods (it was closed), then to the CVS next to it (it was closed), and then just before heading home I thougth I would check out the CVS on 17th St. Sure enough it was open. I picked up my stuff and then headed home. As I walked back along P St, tired, a bit disheveled, and just a little bit cold, I see two young twinks approaching. Here they come sashaying down the sidewalk, wearing their low rise jeans which accentuate their 30 in waist (if even), their little too tight t-shirts streched across thier early 20's chest, and the perfect coiffed hair-dos. The one closest to me was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Hot Stuff."

It took ALL of my strength not to bitchslap them. And I mean All.

And as I type this, and as I shortly head to bed so I can repeat this wonderful day, I know they'll be drinking and dancing at some club on 17th St. Damn it, I should have bitchslapped them. It probably does count as exercise!