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The 17th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

You do the math.

So yes, I just had a birthday, and I decided to combine my birthday with a holiday party. I mean, seriously, if straight people can't be gay (def: happy and carefree, merry) during the Christmas season, when can they? So it was supposed to be mix of people, but some of the straight people bailed (after saying yes to my evite, very bad form). So it was mainly gay, with one straight couple, and we had a really good time.

Now I don't drink that much. Never alone, and just never alot when I do drink. But everyone bought some wine for the party, and so everyone was just sucking down the alcohol. At the end of the evening the casualties were as follows: 1 bottle of champagne, 2 bottles of vodka, and 6 bottles of wine. Okay, I had 17 people at my party. You do the math. Gay men drink like fish!

After the party, I went with some of the guys to Cobalt to go dancing. I hadn't been out dancing in forever and was looking forward to it. However, one of my friends who must have been drinking my share of the alcohol earlier in the evening started doing the bump and grind thing with me on the dance floor. Now I can get into that for a bit, and then I sort of feel awkward. Maybe if I had been drunk, but no. And then he goes and says something to me. A proposition. And then the weird factor kind of exploded. I have friends, want a boy friend, but am not too comfortable with the friends with benefits thing. And I'm not a prude. I've been known to do some online shopping. But it was just a little bit weird. So I ended up bailing to go home. That's me doing the responsible, mature thing again. Yikes what a pain.