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"Tuesday, 3AM"

"Once again I'm wide awake, waiting for time to mend this part of me that keeps on breaking, newspapers I threw away, washed the dishes in the sink, 3 AM on Tuesday, I have too much time to think." - "Tuesday, AM" from the Latter Days soundtrack.

I love that song. Heartbreak, melancholy, unrequited love.

What does that have to do with me now? Not much really. It's 5AM on Sunday and I'm dealing with a plumbing problem. But it doesn't sound as cool as the song running through my head. I'm listening to it now, it almost drowns out the drip, drip, drip, that seems to echo in my apartment. I've banged on the door of the unit above mine, and I've called them as well (I feel pretty smart figuring out how to do that while not knowing their phone number. The solution: the front door entry system!). The drip isn't too bad now, but I know how these things go. And there really isn't anything a plumber can do until we figure out the source of the leak. According to the condo management company, they won't call a locksmith to break into the unit until Monday. So how bad will the damage be before the owners get back? That's the question. In the meantime, I get the drip, drip, drip.

I so want to go to sleep. I crashed around midnight, so 4 hours of sleep is not going to cut it today. Just so paranoid about going to sleep and then the drip, drip, drip turning into a downpour while I sleep.

More from "Tuesday, 3AM": "He thinks I can't hear him crying, I pretend that I don't know, about all of those 3AMs he spends wrestling with your ghost. I hear him call up to heaven, I watch him crawl down through hell, he's not getting over you, I know he never will."