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It's a hair salon on Connecticutt, just north of Dupont Circle. So it's located in smack dab in the gay ghetto. This is where the blue is so dark it's Navy blue, or midnight blue. So I walked by the front of the salon and I look in their windows. In the window to the left of the door is a collection of books on a small table or scattered on the floor of the window:
HellFire Nation
How To Lose Friends and Alienate People
Who Are We Now?
Hold The Enlightenment
How to Deal With Depression
When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Never By Lied to Again.

In the window to the right of the door is another similar display:
Fodor's Guide to Canaada
Frommer's Quebec
The Lonely Planet's Guide to Canada.
The Rough Guide for Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec.

Running away is not the answer. But it does seem attrative at times. Okay, enough politics for now.