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More trip reports are coming including Iceland, Kenya, Napa, and Peru!


My friend Erin and I spent a long weekend in Iceland.  The natural beauty of Iceland is unique and amazing.

San Juan Islands 2005

My dad and I had an amazing time biking across 5 of the San Juan Islands in Washington State!

Denmark 2003

A great trip biking across Denmark with my Dad!

Belize 2003

A long weekend in Belize in October just to lay on the beach, swim along the coral reef and climb a Mayan ruin!

Peru 2002

Dad and I took another adventure trip to the Land of the Incas!

New ZealanD 2001 

After I left the Navy I spent a month in New Zealand!

Australia 2001

After I spent a month in New Zealand, I spent a month traveling around Australia!

Ireland 1999

While stationed in Italy, a good friend and I went to Ireland for an awesome adventure!